What is Light Up The Sky for Breast Cancer?

Light Up The Sky For Breast Cancer ® is a Nationwide event scheduled within the month of October, which is recognized throughout the world as National/International Breast Cancer Month. Our first event year was October 19, 2013, at 7pm, in the four different time zones within the United States of America. The event is designed to occur simultaneously across the country.* We will continue to accept donations year-round for this worthy cause. Each year, during the month of October, we will choose the perfect night to Light Up The Sky for our loved ones. Our hopes are to raise awareness to all and have the World participate.

Participants will gather privately for small groups or in designated Key locations for medium to large groups.

San Diego’s Key Location is:
Old Trolley Barn Park, Adams Avenue & Florida Street, University Heights, San Diego, CA, 92116

Registration begins at 5pm at the park. You may obtain your pink light at this location. Any questions, contact us at 619-269-7880.

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After basic introductions to open the event, a moment of silence will be held, then a countdown to the 7pm hour, at that hour, our participants will launch their pink-lighted device into the sky, proclaiming for whom they are lighting the sky.

The event is one of celebration, remembrance and determination. We are celebrating life, remembering the battles fought: won and lost with this silent killer of both women and men, and showing our unification in our determination to eradicate this disease.

Receive your pink lighted device to show your support

In order to ensure you will receive the pink light in time for this event, please place your participant donation online no later than Friday, October 7, 2016. Thank you.

*We are not excluding people from overseas to participate; our primary focus is the continental USA, hence the importance of social media. We understand that Breast Cancer has no borders.*

We are also asking owners of Buildings and Theme Parks to participate in the Event by Lighting their building’s with Pink Lights and have their fireworks in Pink that evening.

Visit our Gallery to see who will light up the sky and join

We want to light up the sky

We want to light up the sky


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